The Nature Trail

This is a response to Ben Wilkoff’s post, The Three Learning Paths: The Beginning of an #etmooc Journey.



January 28, 2013 · 5:34 pm

5 responses to “The Nature Trail

  1. Roberta Sharp

    Congratulations on your first video. I enjoyed hearing your story and you seemed very comfortable with the technologsy. Well done

  2. Scott: I love your metaphor of the nature trail . It reminds me of a canoe trip I took two summers ago on the Bowron Lakes in northern British Columbia. An inexperienced canoeist, I depended on the experience of the two friends who had made this trip at least 7 times. I got caught up in their delight in the next bend or the thrill of the wild chute, and know they saw new things this time they had missed before. They also were rewarded with my food preparations–as a backpack gourmet I learn something new every time I head out to the mountains in Eastern Oregon. But about your vlog–I’m very impressed with your application of the shared experience of learning on the nature trail, and with how natural you seem on the video. Gives me more incentive to try it too. I can see this being very useful for communicating with online students. Also, I’ve just heard about Eyejot ( –a program to create video e-mail that has free and premium accounts. Making short videos for e-mail exchanges with students could help make that a warmer experience. I haven’t tried using Eyejot yet, but I thought that since your video debut worked so well, you might find such a resource useful too.

    • Rosemary,

      Thank you for your comment and your story–everyone on your trip brought something of value, and together you created a unique experience. That’s learning. That’s living.
      I’ll have to check out Eyejot; thanks for the tip. If you’d like to give vlogging a try, stop by the Reflective Practice Vlogging community on Google+, and join in the conversation.

  3. Hi Scott and Ben,
    Your vlogs are excellent reflections of learning and how the experiences offer new insights with each new group – the “do-over” and “go-deeper” aspects thrill me. I don’t know the concept of bored (other than hovering over students in an exam hall for 3 hours – unable to read a book, mark, etc…). Other than those brief policing moments in a semester, I never feel bored because I love learning and each opportunity to do the cycle anew is exciting because after 14 years of teaching I always get a new “aha” with each troupe I journey with. I live for the “aha”!
    Ben, I completely agree that if kids have already “been-there-done-that” with a text or teaching strategy, then that is an awesome opportunity to help them climb to higher heights in their learning and mastery!
    I teach the kids a version of Bloom’s that the first “READ” is comprehending at the “LITERAL” level, then we think critically to move to the “INTERPRETATION” level, finally we think critically to move to the “SYNTHESIS” level. Wisdom comes through re-experiencing. My kids do really well with this opportunity and understanding.
    So, as I get excited that we get to explore “the path” again and again, the kids too get excited because they build such confidence and learn to greater mastery. I even believe in giving the kids the “possible” list of reading for the next year (gasp!) – with no promises since I’m a fickle creature. This motivates them to read in the interim time between ELA courses – a win-win!
    So gents, I am confident that I will develop some odd facial twitch if vlogging, but you might have inspired an upcoming old-fashioned blog sometime in the future!

    • Pamela,
      I’m pretty sure I’ve had at least one chuckle and one “aha!” moment every time I read one of your posts or comments. I’m getting excited about the new trails we’ll all begin walking next week (nothing between me and second semester but that pile of exams). Thanks for the laughs and lesson ideas.

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